Our practice hosts the following services and clinics:


  • Additional InformationOur community midwife is very experienced. If you think you are pregnant it is important that an appointment is made to see her. If you have had problems in a previous pregnancy or have other medical conditions then we may refer you to a consultant obstetrician to share your maternity care with us. The surgery has a comprehensive leaflet giving details of the care you can expect during your pregnancy. Please ask for a copy.

Child Health

  • Additional InformationImmunisations - We aim to immunise all the children registered with the practice. These immunisations are carried out by one of our practice nurses by prior appointment only.

    Drop-in Health Visitor Baby Clinics - No appointments are necessary. Clinics are held every second Tuesday at the Sure Start Centre in Bugbrooke Primary School and every fourth Tuesday at the Community Centre (1.30 - 2.30pm).

    Paediatric Surveillance - All the doctors are registered to carry our child health checks and are skilled in assessing normal growth and development of children.

Family Planning, Contraception And Teenage Sexual Health

  • Additional InformationAll the doctors and some of our practice nurses are available to discuss all aspects of family planning and contraception. All implants and coil fittings must be booked with a doctor and practice nurse and require an extended appointment so please inform the staff when booking. If you think you require emergency contraception then please ask to speak to a doctor or nurse immediately so you can be seen straight away. We have specialist staff who provide teenage sexual health information and treatment.

Minor Surgery

  • Additional InformationSome minor operations can be done here at the surgery by the doctors. They are only done after referral from your doctor/nurse and can help save long waits for hospital treatment. Please note than anyone under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. All patients requiring minor surgery will be asked to complete a consent form.

Asthma, Diabetes, Chronic Lung And Heart Disease, Hypertension Clinics

  • Additional InformationThe practice is fortunate to have specialist nurses who are responsible for the day-to-day management of these areas of care. Patients suffering from these conditions are required to attend in line with the table below.

    High Blood Pressure - Should be seen every 12 Months For Blood Pressure Reading and Blood Tests.

    Heart Failure - Should be seen every 12 Months.

    Asthma - Should be seen every 12 Months.

    COPD - Should be seen every 12 Months.

    Diabetes - Should be seen every 12 Months.

    High Cholesterol - Should be seen every 12 Months For a Blood Test.

    Kidney Disease - Should be seen every 12 Months.

    Long Term Lithium Therapy - Should be seen every 3 Months For a Blood Test.

    Contraceptive Pill - Should be seen every 12 Months.

    HRT  - Should be seen every 12 Months.

    Epilepsy - Should be seen every12 Months.

    Peripheral Vascular Disease - Should be seen every 12 Months.

Other Nursing Services Available At This Surgery

  • Additional InformationCervical cytology (smear tests)
    - Minor injury service
    - Ear syringing
    - Wound dressings
    - New patient medicals
    - ECGs
    - Blood pressure checks

Non NHS Examinations And Services

  • Additional InformationMedical examinations for special purposes, such as fitness to travel, pre-employment, insurance, driving medicals etc are undertaken at the practice. A fee will be payable at the time of the examination (a leaflet containing a scale of charges is available at reception). We wish to remind patients that we do not provide any report or information concerning our patients to a third party, eg medical insurance companies, without agreeing the fee payable or the surgery receiving a signed consent form from the patient.

To attend one of these clinics please ring our reception on 01604 830348.


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